How Does a SureCall In-Building Cell Booster Work?

SureCall's in-building cell boosters are high-quality bidirectional booster that enhance your cellular signals at a certain location. These cell boosters are especially relevant for areas with poor cellular signals, including rural areas and particular areas in cities and towns also with poor signals. Customers normally purchase this product for their cabins, cottages and farms. Continue reading to learn more about how SureCall's in-building cell booster works.

How the In-Building Cell Booster Works

  1. An outside antenna collects signal from the cell tower.
  2. The outside antenna sends the signal to the booster through coax cable.
  3. The booster amplifies the cell signal and rebroadcasts the signal indoors. to all mobile devices within range.
  4. The booster amplifies outgoing cell signal back to the tower.

Image showing how the SurCall Flare Cell Booster works. It shows a cell tower, outside yagi antenna, Cables, a SureCall Flare Booster and a power supply

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